Best and Worst

“The best and worst thing about life is that it always changes”

Winter’s icy landscape fades onto spring. The world becomes a layout of sparse green grass and bare trees. Slowly the sun breathes life into their branches, giving way to delicate leaves. Despite how frigid the world has become, despite the sins of the bitter dry winds that assault mother nature, the spring always comes. The earth is always forgiven. Summer eventually rises, and a full lush world emerges, from the past sorrows and transgressions. A plentiful bounty filled with bright skies, and opulent landscapes. The earth rising above sadness, and welcoming us to a world teeming with life. Only to reach its rise to fall, the dying of all things. The glow of the sun, changes the leaves to vibrant reds, oranges and yellows, reminding us their is beauty in change. Once again winter inflicts the world with a bitter breeze, to remind us all that, nothing can stay the same. Desolation will always give way to abundant joy, only to fall into despair yet again…it is all so fragile.   images-7

Author: infrontoftheother

A Human Just passing through by using one foot in front of the other. Making friendly and not so friendly observations in the pursuit of life.

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