No Point

No point trying to prove yourself to someone who won’t listen.

No point being upset at their false accusations.

No point in asking for an apology.

No Point crying over past hurt.

No point, No Point, NO POINT!


Roll Around in Your Mess.

Its ok to be a Hot Mess.

Its all a mess anyway.

The sink, the house, the relationships, Life…..

All Of it


Theres so much Beauty in the pain and uncertainty of life.

We are often too focused on it at the time to see it.

But step back for a moment and you’ll see it, the sliver of Glorious bruises that make you.

Enjoy the painful moments because they are what make you feel alive.

Perceived self

All we are is how we are perceived to be.  How can we know we are not just the product of societal perception , and desire?

Is our whole being just a by product of what we are advertised to supposed to be. Are we all just acting out, the decrement and projections of the outer world.

Maybe the only people who know the answer to this are the ones who live on the edge. Who refuse to conform, the ones we call crazy.

The Letting go Let down

My life has been comprised of a million distractions.

Remove them.

Distractions peel away at your soul.

No one Lives forever. Let it go.

I know you can, Let the hurt, the emptiness wash through you. Allow yourself to be content with the memories, and lessons. and let it Go.

You are not  your distractions, when you let them go you find your real self. It is only then you see all the ways you compromised your truth.

The only way to find yourself is to remove all the distractions telling you who you are.

Be alone and embrace the let down of letting go.




Give me a Moment

The truth is, we don’t know how long anything will last.

We are constantly changing for better or worse.

The hard thing to do is just breathe and enjoy every, moment, bad moments and good moments.

This moment and all others are what make up your life.

They are not here to stay. Nor are you.