You are- I am

You are concrete I am a feather

You are practical I am a dreamer

You see what is I see what could be

You are literal I am poetic

You are whiskey I am wine

You are worried I am excited

You feel restless I am peace

You are worst case senerio I am best outcome

You are rain I am jumping in puddles

You are truth I am perspecive

You are everything is bad I am the silver lining

You are death I am life

You are a realist I am an optimist

You are strong I am weak

You are right I am wrong

You are logic I am feeling

You are my ground I am your sky

You are the unmovable I am the unstoppable

You need reassursnce I need understanding

You are saftey I am careless

You are my missing pieces I am yours

You are you I am me

you are- i am –

Author: infrontoftheother

A Human Just passing through by using one foot in front of the other. Making friendly and not so friendly observations in the pursuit of life.

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